Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Create Your Own Blog

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This tutorial is the first of a series of tutorials to come and in this episode we will cover how to create your own blog from scratch. All you actually need in order create a free blog is a valid email address. So in case you don't have one already then you should go ahead and sign up for one. There are so many free email providers online, just simply googling "free email" will provide lots of links to email providers that are free to join. But i will list three services i recommend.

1. Gmail
2. Yahoo
3. Hotmail.

Once you have your email address then we can move on to actually registering with the blogging service you want to host your blog. Here again there are many different services that offer free hosting for blogs but for this tutorial i will be using Blogger. Another pretty popular free blog hosting service worth mentioning here is Wordpress. So just go to Blogger and click on create account. Since Blogger is owned by Google, you will require a Google email (GMail) account in order for you to use that service as well as other google related services such as AdSense, AdWords, YouTube e.t.c. So in this case it would be advisable to create one in case you already don't have one. Note that if you do have a GMail account already, then you skip the first step of actually creating a GMail account, but if you don't then the first step is creating the account.

The second step involves naming your blog so you choose the name and key it in, and also choose the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which is the address that will be used in order to go to your blog. As there are tons of blogs out there already there is a possibility that the name you had in mind has been already taken, so you will have to keep on trying out different names.

Once you settle with a URL that suits you and is available, you continue to the next step, which is to choose a starter template. Templates are graphical designs that you can add to your blog for beautification purposes. At the time of writing this article, you are only presented with only 8 templates. So once you choose one template you will be presented with a page that shows that you have successfully created your blog, and if you want you can go ahead and either start posting material to your blog or you can further customize the look and feel as the templates presented earlier had very basic designs.

For those who prefer a visual tutorial, Ez Reviewz also makes tutorials on YouTube at the EzVideoTutorialz channel, so make sure to check them out and subscribe to the videos as more tips and tutorials will be uploaded regularly. For this particular tutorial check out the video below.

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