Monday, July 5, 2010

Ez Blogging 101

Ez Reviewz just launched a YouTube page where bloggers either new or old can go and learn tips and tricks of the trade. Its more of a platform where bloggers can unite and share there experiences so we here at Ez Reviewz would like to stress that its not just a one way road.
Anyone can contribute to the cause by also sharing tips and tricks they have learnt along the way of their blogging journey, as it is one hell of a long road.
You could either make response videos yourself and once approved, they will also show up beside the videos already posted, or you could write an informative article and send it to us and we will post it up on the site. Bloggers that do so will also be allowed to provide links back to their own blogs so as to create a true sharing community where everybody wins.
As this is a recent undertaking by Ez Reviewz, we hope that you can gain as much information as possible from the tutorials and if you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to contact us at EzReviewz. You can also check out the YouTube site at EzVideoTutorialz. Happy Blogging.
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