Friday, July 2, 2010

NBA Free Agency: Day 1

The first day of NBA free agency was to some people exciting and intense, packed with anticipation from all corners, but for others it was nothing but dissapointing. Considering all the wheeling and dealing that was supposed to happen, lots of NBA fans were dissapointed as not only did the top six free agents make little or no noise at all, but lots of the 2nd tier players ended
up sticking with their previous teams and stretching out their contracts. To most it was like watching a soccer game for 90 minutes plus extra time and still endind in a tie at 0 - 0.
The biggest signing however came from Rudy Gay, as his decision to stay in Memphis came along with a $81.6 million bonus for a duration of 5 years. Other important signings include Drew Gooden and Milwaaukee Buks agreement to a five-year $32 million deal, Darko and Minnesota Timberwolves agreement to to a four-year $16 million deal, Amir Johnson and Toronto Raptors agreement to a five-year $34 million deal and not to forget Channing Frye and Phoenix Suns agreement to a five-year $30 million deal.
Well those were the highlights of the first day of free agency, and until next week were just gonna have to sit tight in anticipation, especially for those LeBron fans that want to anticipate the Kings next move.

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