Sunday, July 4, 2010

Argentina Thrashed By Germany (4 - 0)

Now THAT is what you call an amazing game. The Germans showed no mercy throughout the 90 + 1 minutes that they played. Argentina was out witted with both skill and determination. Even the "Player of the World" couldn't do much as the Germans held down their fort as if there lives depended on it.
Personally i was very satisfied with the results and even more satisfied that Messi still failed to score
even once throughout the whole tournament. You could see the look on Maradonna's face as his team were struggling to maintain whatever stance they had left.
Four amazing goals, first by Thomas Mueller just 3 minutes into the game, second goal by Miroslav Klose at the 68th minute, Arnie Friedrich at the 74th and as icing on the cake, Klose completed his brace again in the 89th minute to round off their comprehensive victory, which sends Argentina home on a bitter note, while Germany head into their semifinals. Brought to you by Ez Reviewz.


  1. i dont get why "player of the world" is in quotation marks..the least messi deserves is a world cup title!

  2. Well i guess you have to work hard for things in life, and not just expect things to be given to you just because you "deserve it".